Light art installation – Hearing From You


Luke Hespanhol (Brazil/Australia)
Yuxin Huang (China)

This Lunar New Year, discover Chatswood laneway, Mills Lane, to find heartwarming messages in the compelling light art installation Hearing From You.

Reflecting on the year that passed, and wishing a happy new one, takes a whole new meaning after 2020.

We communicate more than ever – and at the same time less than ever – in a perpetual state of collective loneliness. Life shared visually through social media is heavily curated. We appear happier or more miserable, depending on the image we want to create or the feelings we wish to hide. Only through words, exchanged privately and regularly, we can stay truly in touch.

Countless messages have been shared across long distances, expressing love, care, concerns, longing and hopeful expectations. Unfinished farewells, unplanned retreats, simple day-to-day things suddenly reappreciated. Certainty about uncertainty. Public life lived from home, while the empty streets wondered: “Where and how is everyone?”

Hearing From You imagines a fantastic reality where personal messages of appreciation escape the confines of people’s minds and electronic devices to take over the city, covering it with atmospheric, heartwarming lighting, and a blanket of daily life poetry.

Just like urban life unfolds secretly through dark, empty laneways such as Mills Lane, Hearing From You visualizes the space as the hidden emotional pulse of the city and its people. It displays messages of gratitude and kindness, in our continuous struggle to “stay in touch” and positive during dark, strange times.

Inspired by the works of Jenny Holzer and designed and executed by Luke Hespanhol and Yuxin Huang of The University of Sydney’s Design Lab, Hearing From You features multiple LED displays scattered across Mills Lane showing fragments of personal messages expressed by or to the artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. Collectively, these fragments come together to tell a touching real life story in the form of deconstructed urban poetry. As the messages change, a different story is told.

Time: Wednesday, 03 February 2021 | 09:00 AM – Sunday, 28 February 2021 | 11:00 PM

Venue: Light installation p

Light installation projected onto the walls on Mills Lane

Mills Lane, Chatswood 2067

rojected onto the walls on Mills Lane,

Mills Lane, Chatswood 2067

Chatswood 牛年庆祝活动,2021年2月3日周三上午9点到2021年2月28日晚上11点

地址:Light installation projected onto the walls on Mills Lane, Mills Lane, Chatswood 2067