City of Manningham – Lunar New Year Discovery

Chinese Precinct Business Association which calls City of Manningham home proudly presents the 2022 Lunar New Year Discovery.  Due to Covid outbreak, we have postponed the on site event till late March 2022

Not to disappoint our fans and followers, we have moved the celebration online. Our talented performers have produced a “Perform at Home” version of the acts so you can enjoy them in your home.

With the support from City of Manningham, we proudly present you the Geelong Lunar New Year Online Experience. Over 40 artists have come together to deliver over 12 acts

Featuring Lion Dance, Traditional Music, Festive Dance and other surprises.

Please enjoy

City of Manningham——农历新年体验

华人区总商会(Chinese District Business Association,简称Manningham之家)自豪地推出了2022年的农历新年体验。由于Covid,我们将现场活动推迟到2022年3月底


在Manningham市政府的支持下,我们自豪地为您呈现City of Manning农历新年在线体验。超过40多位艺术家齐聚一堂,精心表演了12个节目

以舞狮、传统音乐、节日舞蹈和其他惊喜为特色。 请细心欣赏