Chinese New Year Performances

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NameTypePerformanceGroup SizeTime
Bamboo Music Group
Chinese Traditional Music Group Professional musical performance using Chinese instruments including the pipa, erhu and flute to play the traditional Chinese songs. 2-4 20-30 minutes
Orchid New Music
Modern Chinese Contemporary Music This is very unique of modern Chinese tunes but using Chinese traditional instruments. 2-3 20-30 minutes
Traditional Chinese Music Solo Chinese Traditional Music Solo Artist Chinese musical performance using traditional instruments Each solo artist plays his/her instruments. We have artists that covers:
- Pipa
- Erhu
- Guzheng
- Chinese Lute
- Bamboo Flute and so on
Choose from anyone of these artists 20-30 minutes
Classic Dunhuang Dance Group
Chinese Flying dance Dressing in traditional Chinese dancing cloth which depicts the heavenly descends of the angels spreading good vibes. 1-2 5 minutes
Chines Music and Tea Ceremony Chinese Music and Tea Ceremony Duet Display A unique of Chinese tea ceremony to the background of Chinese Traditional Music. After performance, audiences have opportunities to test Chinese tea. 2 10 minutes

Chinese Music and Calligraphy Chinese Music and Calligraphy Duet Display Chinese Calligraphy had existed over 5000 years throughout the development of Chinese culture. People dressing in traditional costumes to show the Calligraphy with the background of music. After performance, audience have opportunities to keep the Chinese Calligraphy work. 2 10 minutes
Music & Martial Art Music with Tai Chi or Martial Art Duet Display A unique of sword martial or Tai Chi display to the background of Chinese Traditional Music. 2 5-10 minutes
Opera, Musical
English Opera and Musical Chinese artist will perform famous operas and sections of musical. 1 20-30 minutes
English Songs Solo English Songs Solo English pop songs will sing by a lovely Chinese young lady. 1 20-30 minutes
Girls pop singing and dancing group Pop dancing with singing Girls in funky clothes, sings while dances the pop songs. Each of them will be filled with energy, into bringing the audience to dance along with them. 4-5 10 minutes
Traditional Flying Dance Wth Music Chinese dance with musical instrument background. Dressed in traditional Chinese dancing clothes which depict the heavenly descending of the angels spreading good vibes. Traditional instrumental music will be played while it is performed. 2-3 5 minutes

Taiwanese Puppet Show Puppet Show Puppets originates from China and spread to the West along the Silk road. Bing is a very talented puppeteer. Only few of his generation endure and the art has spread to Australia. Our show is entertaining and suitable the young and old. The show will include a story and audience interaction. 2-4 10-20 minutes
Chinese Folk Dance Chinese Traditional Dances This is a very dynamic dance depict the celebration scene in China . 2-5 20 minutes

Lion Dance Lion Dance--舞狮 Our lions are different to the others. They can drink, they can dance, and also they can sing. It’s a very good interaction to the audience. Unlike other lion dancers, they can do many difficult movements and tricks with the lions in order to bring the audience with joy. They can dance along with our modern music such the Gentlemen and Gangnam style by PSY from Korea. 3-6 15-20 minutes
Martial Arts Display Martial Arts Display Powerful Chinese Martial arts display that is heart thumbing and entertaining. 2-5 10 minutes
Belly Dance Chinese Belly Dances Our dancers are very attractive and talented. Girls dressing colourful costumes to show the Chinese style of Belly Dances. 3-5 15-20 minutes
Beijing Opera Modem Beijing Opera Singing Beijing Opera singing defines Chinese entertainment. We have a range of performers originated all over China. The performers use a modem music in modem way to enable people to understand this unique culture. 1 5-10 minutes
Canto Pop Solo Canto pop Song Cantonese Singing is well received by all Chinese and is the leading music with modern instruments. 1 20-30 minutes
Chinese Ladies Choir Chinese Ladies Choir This is a unique choir group of 30 singers that deliver symphony style of songs. 10-30 10-30 minutes
Chinese Mandarin Singing Chinese Mandarin or fork Singing Mandarin songs have become the main staples of Chinese performances. We offer a variety of Chinese songs from traditional and contemporary. 1 10-20 minutes
Taiwanese Dance Taiwanese Group Dance Taiwanese is a unique variation of Chinese dances featuring contemporary music, traditional costumes and amazing routines. 3-6 10-20 minutes
Chinese Flower Arrangement Flower Arrangement This is not a performance, but rather a very entertaining demonstration of flower arrangement from a Chinese perspective. 1 15-30 minutes
Chinese Oriental Magic Show Chinese Oriental Magic Show Chinese Oriental Magic Show delivers a unique approach to magic show using Chinese artefacts . 1 10-20 minutes
Chinese Illusionist Show Chinese Illusionist Show A unique oriental performance of illusion. Unique to Chinese and the Asian culture. 1 10-20 minutes
Diabolo Chinese Diabolo Display Diabolo is one of the Chinese acrobatic performance using a string and tumbler. Played against the background of Chinese music, this performance is enlightening and entertaining. Great for the young and old. 1 10 minutes

Happy new year songs Happy new year songs with money Buddha Most popular program in Chinese new year. Chinese new year’s most famous music will be performed. People dressed in clothing that celebrates Chinese new year. The two Money Buddhas will give red pockets and lollies to the audience as well as grant wishes to those who attend. There will also be magic surprises performed. 8-10 20-25 minutes

Traditional wedding – part 1 Drama interactions - Finding the groom through the audiences – very fun A event of the Chinese traditional wedding will be celebrated. Finding challengers willing to participate the test between other competitors who wants to be the bride’s groom. Such as dancing, martial arts, dancing or games to make the audience enjoy and laugh. The audience can get some gifts from the bride after the test if they participated. 8-10 20-30 minutes

Chinese wedding – part 2 Singing and dancing to celebrate the wedding, the event of the groom and the bride getting married. – very fun The groom happily takes over the bride. After the celebrating they found that their bride has gone missing while the magician disguised to be the groom’s bride. As we found that it was the magician, he had to help us find the bride and get her back on stage with his magic tricks. In this part, you can also see the tradition Chinese wedding event and throughout this even, many traditional cloths and equipment are shown. 8-10 20 minutes
Yang Ge Dance Chinese new year traditional dance Includes the drum dance and the little dragon dance with handkerchief dance. The dance brings the audience happiness and joyness. Traditionally in China, young girls would dance the Yang Ge dance. This dance will be seen very cute and lovely. 4-5 5-10 minutes
Jazz Dance Group Dance Girls dressed in cute black penguin like clothes. Brings the audience to the burlesque. 4-5 5 minutes
Chinese Umbrella Dance Traditional Chinese Dance With slow calm music the girls uses the umbrella creates a beautiful view of china while it is raining. 4-5 6 minutes
Sword Play Japanese and chinese kong fu show Using their fighting skills in order to communicate their hatred. Both (Chinese and Japanese warriors) wears traditional cloths to show their own culture, characteristics and beliefs. 2 5 minutes

The Traditional Chinese Fan Dance Chinese Tradtional Dance Girls uses the long fabric silk fans to create a pattern of the jasmine flower. The Jasmine flower is one of the most famous music in china, it is also well known throughout china. This particular dance shows the beauty of traditional Chinese women. From this dance you would be able to see or feel the jasmine flower, wind and river created by the 5 girls’ movement and from these you will be able to smell a fragrance of the jasmine flower. 5 7-10 minutes

Chinese Palace Dance The Traditional Chinese Palace Dance The traditional Chinese palace dance is where the girls create frames of movements, revealing the elegance of women in the dynasty. From this dance it also appeals different styles of clothing from the Tang and Han dynasty. Each will perform a unique style of dancing movements, such as palace fan dance, umbrella dance, long sleeved dance and the palace dance. The dance starts like a painting, while the music starts the beautiful girls slowly comes to life, showing how they lived in their dynasty. The whole dance is elegant and delicate, brings the audience back to the time of dynasty. 4-5 7 minutes

Shanghai Night Old Shanghai style Qi Pao Sing and Dance The fruit of westernization of Shanghai theatre. The introduction of blue and jazz changed the way Shanghai delivers theatre performance. This is a series of songs and dance movement from artists wearing the Shanghai traditional Qi Pao. This standard of apparel becomes the very symbol of pre-World War II Shanghai. 3-6 15-20 minutes
Chinese Pop Band Chinese Pop Band 3-5 30-60 minutes
Chinese Drum Chinese Drum Player 2-5