Box Hill – TBA

Box Hill Chinese New Year Festival

The Box Hill Chinese New Year Festival is an bustling, exciting event that celebrates the best of Asian culture. It brings in around 80,000 people every year form all walks of life. The festival showcases a wide range of Asian cuisines, singing and dance performances, and rides for the kids! Starting from 11am in the morning, up until 1am the next day, there is plenty of time to brisk through the streets of Box Hill to soak in what the amazing community has to offer.

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Location: Market & Main Street & Whitehorse Road, Box Hill VIC

Box Hill 春节

Box Hill春节是一个庆祝亚洲文化最好的、热闹的、令人兴奋的活动。它每年从各行各业带来大约8万人。这个节日展示了各种各样的亚洲美食、歌舞表演和儿童游乐设施!从上午11点开始,一直到第二天凌晨1点,有足够的时间在Box Hill的街道上轻快地穿行,沉浸在这个令人惊叹的社区所提供的一切中。



地点:维多利亚州Box Hill市场大街和白马路