Queen Victoria Market

Celebrate Lunar New Year at Queen Victoria Market [Online Ticket]

Date: Sunday, 6 February 2022

Time: 14:00-15:00 (AEDT)

Venue: 432 Queen Street Melbourne 3000

** Please note that we will only confirm this event closer to the event date. Dates subject to change **

Let’s meet in front of 432 Queen Street at 2 PM. We will be at the meeting point till 2:05 PM before walking to the market. Confirmed RSVP and tickets are mandatory to attend this event.

Let’s celebrate the year of the Tiger at Queen Victoria Market on Sunday. Try delicious and authentic street food and enjoy live music/ lion dance.

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日期: 2022年2月日 星期日

时间: 下午2点—3点

地点: 432 Queen Street Melbourne 3000

** **请注意,我们只会在临近活动日期时确认此次活动。日期可能会随时更改** **

我们下午2点在432 Queen Street前见面。我们将在集合点待到下午2:05,然后步行到市场。必须确认RSVP和门票才能参加此活动。


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