Spice Temple

Lunar New Yar at Spice Temple

Date: 2nd February to 13th February

Time: 6pm onwards

Cost: $139 per person with optional $85 per person wine matching

If feasting is on your Chinese New Year itinerary then make sure you book a table at Melbourne’s favourite Chinese restaurant. Offering a special Chinese New Years menu, you will have the chance to sample Spice Table’s special auspicious dishes between the 2nd and 13th of February. Expect a decadent spread of fish for abundance, pipis for fortune and eggs for fertility alongside a mix of vibrant red ingredients to symbolise happiness and prosperity.

Lunar New Yar at Spice Temple

日期: 2022年2月2日—13日

时间: 从晚上6点开始

费用: 每人$139,可选搭配葡萄酒每人$85

如果您春节期间打算设宴,那么一定要在墨尔本最喜欢的中餐馆预订一张餐桌。2月2日至13日期间,您将有机会品尝Spice Table的特别吉祥菜肴,并提供一份特别的中国新年菜单。鱼、代表财富的蛤蜊、鸡蛋,再加上鲜红的配料,象征着幸福和繁荣。